Saturday, April 22, 2017


Welcome stoners and curious folks alike, to All Things Cannabis!

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my new blog, where yes, we will be talking about all things cannabis - from the best strains and the dankest memes to the latest on the legalization movement and scientific studies on the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant we're going to cover it all!

I'm starting this blog for one simple reason - I support cannabis. I support legalization. I support medicinal use and recreational use. I support the 420 movement and I want to do what I can to help out - and the way I've found to contribute is to spread the truth about cannabis through my writing.

I'm not a hugely social person - so showing up to protests isn't exactly my thing as far as activism goes - but I still want to do my part to help be a part of the driving force behind the growing global legalization movement, so here I am.

Why I Support Cannabis Legalization

There are so, so many reasons to support the legalization of cannabis - but I think the main reason that I support legalization is because I see all the damage that prohibition has truly caused over the years. Hundreds of thousands of people have criminal records - and have rotted or are rotting away in prison cells - all over a plant that is safer than most house hold cleaners.

Another reason I support legalization is for the hundreds of thousands of people who could be using a natural, safe medicine - rather than harmful pharmaceuticals with a multitude of side effects. Did you know that before prohibition cannabis was found in a number of common household medicines like cough syrup? At the time marijuana was outlawed hardly anyone even knew marijuana and cannabis were the same plant!

Here's another good reason - the illegal market is a multi-billion dollar industry and if we were to federally tax and regulate the sale of cannabis, similar to the way we tax and regulate alcohol, all those sales could be providing tax revenue for schools, (real) addiction treatment, and so much more! Plus, it puts a stop to the use of dangerous chemical pesticides being used on cannabis, which is not regulated or tested for safety in the current black market situation we're in.

Okay, so I could really go on all day on this subject - so short and sweet - the benefits to legalizing cannabis far out weigh any potential harms (and so far states have been able to prove this and show that many of the "harms" that prohibitionists warn about are nothing more than scare tactics).

Alcohol prohibition only lasted 13 years, and thousands of people die every year from alcohol related incidents - cannabis prohibition has been running strong for nearly a century now, and the only harm that comes from cannabis is the legal trouble it can land you in.

Why I Created All Things Cannabis

Well, to be perfectly honest, the idea for All Things Cannabis started off with the idea for a book - The Beginners Guide to All Things Cannabis - but it has turned into so much more than that!

I do still plan to write the book - in fact I'm aiming to have it released by next year some time if all goes well - but I don't want to stop there. For a long time I was able to write long, in depth articles for The Marijuana Times on a weekly basis, and I love writing that type of content - unfortunately that came to an end around the end of 2016 for the time being.

With no where else to post my long-form cannabis content I thought, what a better reason to start up my own blog to go with the book? My original intention was to write one or two longer blog posts each week for this site and leave it at that until the book was finished - but then my plans changed again.

Though I'm still writing for The Marijuana Times, unforeseen circumstances have led to a reduction in the articles I write for them - but I love reporting on the latest happenings in the cannabis industry and the growing legalization movement and I don't want to give that up - so I'll be posting at least one news article a day to the blog as well!

You'll notice that I've got an books tab - that will eventually feature my book when it's ready for pre-orders.You probably also saw the "merch" tab - for now, that's going to be filled with a number of the coolest cannabis products available on Amazon. Things like grinders, pipes and more can be found there - and yes, I do receive a commission when you buy something from the All Things Cannabis Shop - but it's all to keep this blog up and running!

I've also included a "coffee fund" tab - which might not stick around forever, but for now, it's here to stay. This is basically a donation/contribution fund that will keep All Things Cannabis, as well as R&J Creative Services other websites, up and running until we're bringing in our own revenue.

What to Expect as We Grow our Community

Well, the first thing I want to let you know is that the domain for this blog WILL be changing in the near future. For the moment I'm using a sub-domain from our business website, but in the future we will be should all go well! You may also notice a sudden change in the layout, sidebar or graphics - the site is nearing complete, but I just couldn't wait to start posting!

Along with that I'm also hoping to eventually have a shop that will have t-shirts, posters, hoodies, that sort of thing - themed for All Things Cannabis! Other ideas I'm considering is adding a forum, perhaps a premium members area, design contests, giveaways and much more - but we're still really early in the game here, so this is all long-term ideas and I would love your input on anything you think may help this blog to be a success!

I want to thank you again for checking out All Things Cannabis, and being a part of this great adventure as we follow the movement leading us into a world where cannabis is accepted as a beneficial medicine and is no longer a banned plant!

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