Coffee Fund!

Why Support the Coffee Fund?

Well, you see, one of the things that keeps most of us writers going is caffeine, in the form of a deliciously brewed cup of coffee!

As a freelancer I write for a living - right now however, all my writing here on All Things Cannabis is producing little-to-no income and I'm doing it all to help educate people through long form articles I don't get as much of an opportunity to post  on other platforms - unfortunately I've still got to pay bills, keep my fridge stocked, go to the dentist and all that other lovely stuff we do as productive humans.

If you want to support this blog and the eventual release of my book ("The Beginners Guide to All Things Cannabis"), you can afford it, you don't mind contributing to the creation of this growing community and want to help me educate the general public on All Things Cannabis, feel free to contribute to my "Coffee Fund"!

The "Coffee Fund" doesn't only cover the costs of my own caffeine addiction - when you contribute to this fund you are also helping me to:

  • Keep All Things Cannabis Online (domain/artwork/etc.)
  • Helping to spread the truth about cannabis (advertising)
  • Cover other R&J Creative Services expenses (Adobe CC subscription, MS Word subscription, super internet connection, domains/hosting/advertising for our other websites)

By taking these "tips" I will be able to dedicate more time to All Things Cannabis without worrying about covering all the expenses that come along with life as a freelance writer. Through our business we make enough to cover our bills and keep our bellies full - but when it comes to having extra for all these things (including the coffee, can't forget the coffee...) some months are hit and miss.

Basically, the less we have to worry about keeping our business running smoothly, the more we can focus on creating great content!

If after reading all this you are willing and able to contribute to the Coffee Fund then I would greatly appreciate it - whether you donate a single dollar for a cup of coffee or $25, which can cover one of our domains for the year, it means a lot to me that you support my writing (or just want to help  ATC!) so much that you would be willing to contribute!

When making a contribution it will ask your for your name or pseudonym - this is so I can include you in the "Thanks to" section in my book to be published by next April! There may be other perks for contributors in the future - bear with me, we're only getting started here!

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